05 JulThe Basics of Fashion Designing

The fashion industry today has sadly become more of a business rather than a place for good exposure of creative talents. Young people who aspire to get into the fashion designing industry today need to understand that fashion is mix of both the art of selling as well as an outlet for creativity. You cannot have the mass production of fashion without it generating money. The fashion designing industry today not only demands creative excellence but also zeal to generate income and an acceptance of the various manufacturing and marketing challenges that one may encounter.

Fashion Designing You spend less than fifteen percent of your time in designing your collection while the remaining eighty-five percent is spent managing issues & making money for the work done. Face it, any work that you do has to provide you with a source of sustenance and fashion designing is no different.

When you are just about to start your career in the fashion designing industry, forget even thinking about branching out on your own. Start by working with a fashion house or a reputed designer so that you can get invaluable experience and learn the tricks of the trade.  At least in the initial period you will need to work a lot on marketing and selling your designs and creativity. Later on, when you reach the likes of Jimmy Choo or Versace, you can let your work do the talking for you. These fashion icons have worked really hard for decades to reach the position where they are.

The fashion industry is a difficult one and demands long hours of work and a thick skin. So if you are planning to be a lifer in this mean fashion designing industry, then be patient and accept criticism with a smile. Rude behavior and negative attitude will make your failure certain

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