05 JulThe Basics of Fashion Designing

The fashion industry today has sadly become more of a business rather than a place for good exposure of creative talents. Young people who aspire to get into the fashion designing industry today need to understand that fashion is mix of both the art of selling as well as an outlet for creativity. You cannot have the mass production of fashion without it generating money. The fashion designing industry today not only demands creative excellence but also zeal to generate income and an acceptance of the various manufacturing and marketing challenges that one may encounter.

Fashion Designing You spend less than fifteen percent of your time in designing your collection while the remaining eighty-five percent is spent managing issues & making money for the work done. Face it, any work that you do has to provide you with a source of sustenance and fashion designing is no different.

When you are just about to start your career in the fashion designing industry, forget even thinking about branching out on your own. Start by working with a fashion house or a reputed designer so that you can get invaluable experience and learn the tricks of the trade.  At least in the initial period you will need to work a lot on marketing and selling your designs and creativity. Later on, when you reach the likes of Jimmy Choo or Versace, you can let your work do the talking for you. These fashion icons have worked really hard for decades to reach the position where they are.

The fashion industry is a difficult one and demands long hours of work and a thick skin. So if you are planning to be a lifer in this mean fashion designing industry, then be patient and accept criticism with a smile. Rude behavior and negative attitude will make your failure certain

04 JulSalaries in Fashion Designing

The fashion designing industry is one that pays handsome figures to both the employees as well as those who are on their own. Here are some details of this ever-growing fashion industry:

Almost all of us have had a fascination of buying designer clothing at some point of our lives. The people behind these exquisite clothing are the hard working fashion designers and their employees. Today, it s a dream of every aspiring fashion designer to make a name for himself and leave a mark on the fashion designing industry.

Salaries in Fashion Designing Though the industry pays a lot of money, it is only when you work hard for it. There are no free meals in this industry. Keep these ground realities in mind if you are planning to take up fashion designing as a career. Though hard work is what pays, it is important to work smart. Networking and negotiation are the two keys needed to open the treasure chest in the fashion industry. 

The average annual salary in the fashion designing industry can be anywhere between $65,000 US to even a million dollars depending upon how good you are. And also, close proximity to fashion centrals of the world is of utmost importance. Some of these cities are Paris which is known as the fashion capital of the world, Los Angeles, New York, Zurich etc. and the cost of living in and around these cities can be pretty high.

Though you may start off with a very low salary at onset, sometimes even below $10,000, it is important that you be patient. The fashion designing industry does not function in the conventional manner as other industries do. Though the demand for new designers is always high, good positions get taken up very quickly and they may not be available again for a very long period of time.

02 JulFashion Designing for Starters

The fashion designing industry is no place for snobs .though it pays good money, there is a lot of hard work, insults and criticisms that come as part of the package. For those who are new to the industry and plain on starting their own fashion label, here are a few tips that you should swear by.

Never ever start of on your own at the star of your career. Learn the tricks of the trade and establish a good network of contacts and connections by working in a prominent fashion house or with a well known and reputed fashion designer.

Fashion Designing for Starters Have a thick skin and a hard edge towards insults and negative feedback. The fashion designing industry is one that has rampant jealousy and there will always be people trying to cut your wings. So it is important that you do not blow your top and are able to maintain a calm demeanor.

Keep a competitive spirit and work hard. When you set up your own fashion designing business, be prepared to face the issues that come with it. Manufacturing problems, marketing issues, logistics related problems etc are a part and parcel of this industry.

Keep your work organized and be ready to function under extremely stressful conditions. This industry demands long hours and an ultra high level of dedication to the job without which your fashion label is not going anywhere.

Keep your mind willing to learn the new tricks and things that come in almost every day in the fashion designing industry.

Remember, versatility is always good but it is not advised to be jack of all trades and a master of none in this cut-throat fashion designing industry. Try and master one form of design at a time and when you have gained sufficient knowledge and expertise, then you can move to the next.

01 JulFashion Designing as a Career

Fashion designing is a forthcoming career which is legitimated by many universities. You get a valid government degree for it. To start a career in fashion designing appropriate training is required with detail information of the course. Fashion designing as assumed is not an abstract work, professional guidance is important. In fashion designing school people get to polish their creative skills and help them to create and design exclusive fabrics and designs.

Fashion Designing Here are some tips which will help you choose the best school from all: selecting a good institute for your career is very important, so while choosing a fashion designing school many factors should be kept in mind. Now-a-days, in India many fashion designing schools have come with each school offering different facilities and services. It becomes very difficult to choose one best school from so many schools, so first think your area of specialism in fashion designing.

As it is assumed by common man that fashion world is just about looking good and it is a piece of cake but it fashion involves lots of hard work and creativity. There are many branches related to fashion designing so as you decide your branch in it, make a list of school offering this facility. You should also find out the location, fee structure, course offered, degree level, internships and total cost allied. 

Now that you have gathered all the information, make a list of fashion designing colleges which are convenient to you. Apply to them and check whether they are offering any scholarships or merit pattern. All designing school has different criteria regarding admissions. Many colleges conduct entrance exams too. You should pay a visit to all the colleges personally and after obtaining responses to your applications, begin with selecting the best suitable college for your career.    

10 AugIndian Fashion

Indian FashionIndians have always been fashionable even since the ancient times. Whether it was women wearing different colours of sarees or adorning themselves with a wide range of jewellery, for Indian women fashion was always important. As times have moved on, both Indian males and females have realized the importance of staying trendy and being fashionable. The Indian fashion industry is now one of the largest industries in the country. With influence from the west, Indian fashion has grown tremendously in the past decade or so.

Not just the metros in India, but people from the smaller cities and towns also are being increasingly fashionable. Fashion can be seen every where now. Students and youngsters in colleges have started taking fashion seriously, Even house wives and ladies are now taking interest in fashion and the celebrities in the country are the one who set new trends and fashion statements every day. Actors and actresses, cricketers, party goers and even politicians set style statements of their own.

Indian FashionIndian fashion though slightly different from western fashion puts an emphasis on being comfortable and confident with what you are wearing. It can be something very simple but as long as the person is comfortable with it and people notice it, it can be referred to as making a good fashion statement. For Indian women, fashion will continue to remain dear, whether it is wearing colourful or trendy clothes, or effective make up or great jewelry, Indian women love their fashion. Indian fashion clearly is here to stay.

09 AugFashion Designing Software

Fashion Designing SoftwareThere are several fashion designing softwares available on the internet. These fashion designing softwares allow you to make costume models easily by using the software. The fashion software allows fashion designers to be able to transform their ideas from their imagination to actuality. Fashion designing software gives the opportunity to young budding fashion designers to also be able to learn from experienced fashion designers through ready made templates as well as sketches. The fashion designing software tools can aid in you in making your final design.

You can work with Adobe illustrator as well on Microsoft and windows. The designers as well as project managers and merchandisers can create trends, story boards, sketches and illustrations in terms of size, cost structure, cost sheets and others.

These fashion software designs are easy to use and also offer high quality designs as well as production solutions to fashion designers and fashion apparel companies. There are several web sites online where you can fins fashion designing softwares online. These softwares can be downloaded for free from certain web sites and can be installed on your computers as they are compatible with various operating systems like Macintosh, Linux and windows.


08 AugInternational Fashion Designers

fashion-designing-29Fashion designing is one of the most sought out career options by today’s youth because of the simple reason that it provides the fashion designers with not only good amount of money but also gives them a large amount of recognition and fame. Today, a few of the biggest celebrities are all fashion designers. In order to be a good and a reputed fashion designer it is very important for a person to be creative and innovative along with possessing managerial skills.

In this segment we will cover the most recognized fashion designers on an international level along with a little information about them.

1. DONATELLA VERSACE: Donatella Versace, who was born in Calabria, Italy, is one of the most loved diva of the fashion industry. She is known for her sexy yet elegant and beautiful designs with a lot of detailing.

2. VALENTINO GARAVANI.: You are bound to see a few women wearing a Valentino dress on the red carpet. He surely knows how to make women feel like a goddess. He has dressed a lot of leading ladies such as Elizabeth Taylor and Julia Roberts.

3. DOMENICO DOLCE & STEFANO GABBANA. : D&G is the more commonly known brand name which is known for making “stars look like Stars”.

International Fashion Designers4. MARC JACOBS: Marc Jacobs is an extremely talented fashion designer who has designed hundreds of outfits till date.

Several other international designers and designer brands which are recognized worldwide are Tommy Hilfiger, Tom ford, Alexander Mcqueen, Betsey Johnson, Ralph Lauren, John Galliano, Stella Mccartney, etc. although the list doesn’t end here. There are many more designers who have contributed immensely to the fashion industry.

07 AugFashion Designing Jobs

Fashion Designing JobsIn the past few years the fashion industry in India has gained new impetus. India is not only being recognized as a fashion conscious country but has also given a lot of great fashion designers such as Ritu Beri, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and many more who have made us proud. Fashion designing is a great career option and not only gives you a lot of money but gives you a lot of fame (both national and international) as well.

The Indian fashion industry has generated many jobs. A lot of the Indian fashion designers work independently but there are many who take up jobs in a lot of reputed garments, textiles and accessory stores such as Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle, Pantaloon’s etc. there are a lot of websites and newspapers as well as online portals which give you the adequate knowledge about all the current openings in the fashion industry. A few of these sites have been given below. They are as follows:

Timesjobs.com: Times job offers a large number of jobs in the Fashion industry. It does not also let you to have a look at all the jobs offered but also enables you to apply at those places.
http://corp.naukri.com/fashion-garments/: Naukri.com gives you all the information about the current job openings everywhere and enables you to upload your resume on their website for the employers to see.

http://www.fibre2fashion.com/jobs/designers-fashion-designers-jobs/: this Fashion Designing Jobsis one of the best platforms for getting all the information about the Apparel textile fashion vertical.

Other than these a large number of other websites which provide you with the job related information are www.naukrihub.com, www.monsterindia.com, www.jobsahead.com, www.careerjet.co.in

06 AugTips To Become A Good Fashion Designer

Tips to Become a Good Fashion DesignerFashion designers are the people who design clothes and accessories for the people all across the world. However, not all designers are recognized and successful as Armani, Gucci, or Manish Malhotra. Most of the fashion designers work for the mass market and design very basic and non innovative pieces of clothing.

In order to be a good fashion designer and get recognized it is very important to know about a few tips and tricks which are as given below:

1. It is very important to have a very strong inner drive within yourself in order to survive the cut throat competition. It is also very important to be aware of one’s potential before setting up a target.

2. In order to succeed the most important thing is to take a degree course in Fashion designing from a reputed college or university such as NIFT etc. you can go to the counselor to find out about more colleges and courses.

3. Along with the fashion designing courses, also try and take some business and marketing courses to get an idea about the market.

4. Get full knowledge of designing related internet software and programs. Also be well versed with basic computer application.

Tips to become a good fashion designer5. Make sure that you make an organized portfolio of all your designs. It would prove to be of great help.

6. Take as much internship’s as possible. They will help you in gaining practical knowledge and will also help you in getting a better job.

7. Building up a good network helps a lot in getting good clients as well as good offers.

8. Reading is one of the most important requirement to be a good fashion designer. Be well versed with the current happenings in the fashion industry. .

05 AugOnline Fashion Designing Courses

Online Fashion Designing CoursesFashion Industry is one of the most sought out places in India because of the simple reason that it is one of the very few industries which promises to offer both money as well as fame. The Indian Fashion industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in the past few years and is expected to grow a lot further with more and more foreign companies establishing links with a large number of textile and garment industry and setting up base in India.

Along with all of this the fashion industry offers a lot of scope and provides a large number of opportunities to the deserving candidates. This has resulted into a large number of people taking up fashion designing as their career option. It is very important for a candidate to get proper training from reputed institutes or recognized courses.

A lot of potential candidates do not find enough time to take up a fully fledged course from an institute. In order to assist such candidates there are a large number of institutes which offer online diploma, degree or even short term courses in Fashion designing to interested candidates. After taking up these courses the candidate is totally equipped to take up a job from a wide array of job profiles such as garment designing, jewellery designing, Accessory designing, Textile designing, Textile technology, and many more.

Online Fashion Designing CoursesThere are also certain courses which deal n fashion designing based computer applications or computer generated fashion designing with the help of software tools such as CorelDraw, Illustrator and Photoshop as well as CAD or the computer aided design. These software’s are mainly used to speed up the whole process of fashion designing with the help of the computer technology.